Mechanical Engineering

Our Solutions

The mechanical system can be one of the largest obstacles to meeting current energy codes and certifications. We strive to design mechanical systems that will maintain high performance, comfort, and air quality while reducing energy consumption. We provide room by room load calculations, duct sizing and layouts, and equipment sizing and selections. We design all types of systems, including radiant, hydronic, and forced air. As energy codes and programs push mechanical systems into the thermal envelope, coordinating the system with other trades becomes critical. We will provide coordination drawings to ensure installation issues are resolved prior to construction. As the home is built, we are able to provide testing to ensure the system will perform as designed.

We provide the following HVAC related services:

• Code compliance including Manual J, D, and S forms
• Full room by room load calculations
• Full duct and piping sizing and layouts
• Full system sizing and selections
• Mechanical ventilation design and code compliance
• Natural ventilation analysis
• Passive heating and cooling analysis
• Envelope optimization
• Thermal imaging and mapping