Using energy modeling to predict and
improve building performance.

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Moffet Energy Modeling is the leader in energy modeling services. We help our client’s achieve energy goals in efficient building and home design. We offer solutions for both multi-family buildings and single-family homes in structural engineering, energy certification, and mechanical engineering.

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Featured Project: Martin Luther King Commons

Brand Pillars


Moffett Co. is successful because we do quality work consistently. Our reputation and the growth of our business rely on our commitment to solutions that are high-caliber and affordable. In each facet of our service—from planning to execution—we take the time to do things right.


About homes, about health, about the earth—we care. Moffet Co. was started on the premise that every person can live in a home that keeps them (and our planet) healthier. It is through this care that we develop innovative strategies and technologies to achieve better living spaces for everyone.


We can do a little or we can do a lot. Either way, we’re making progress. To us, everything matters when we’re pushing toward sustainability. We know we can’t change the world in one fell swoop, but we also know that each step helps take the residential sector in the right direction.

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